FM pll 10Mhz - 600Mhz with steps 10Khz broadcast transmit or link use or repeater transmit FM STL PLL TRANSMITTER 10Mhz - 600Mhz 1 WATT BROADCAST NEW - jpl995
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 This is a new FM pll 10Mhz - 600Mhz with MB1501 pll chip, for WFM use with steps resolution 25Khz or for NFM use with step resolution12.5 or 10 or 5Khz.
This pll programming from me to one frequency or for up 8 frequency memories for the band who you select.
Rf power output 1W with variable circuit 10mW-1W at 50ohm (the uhf versions the max.output is 500mW).
clear sound.
with low noise mosfet oscillator.
7 pole low pass filter to output >60DB.
7.3cm X 5cm
Excellent device for broadcast transmit or link use or repeater transmit.
For 500mW version please contact me.
For narrow mode please contact me.
For other informations for your project please contact me.
For more informations please download :lmx.pdf

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